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As I sit down by the pool on this Christmas day I see the lengthy flee. I quiz myself what more or much less future will we face? With a novel year a week away I’m questioning will mankind in the ruin earn a style to dwell in peace and cohesion with every other and raise stability to nature? As sobering as that quiz is noteworthy can even be talked about in answering that by attempting into the past. They possess got continuously talked about that historical past repeats itself. Correct ample, then again it’s a ways commonly by means of completely different variations however the results are nearly an analogous.

Too noteworthy of historical past changed into once written in blood spilled by the conquests of man. Used to be it the distinguished intuition of self preservation that spurred such violent motion? In too many cases selfish needs overtook the habits of man. Greed, lust, and a starvation for wait on an eye on over others pushed man to attain unthinkable horror. As of late, the sector is confronted with a humanitarian disaster on the scope no longer considered since World Battle II. We have got to surprise even when this disaster may possess been adverted handiest if man had restrained their selfish needs as an different of seeking more energy and wealth for themselves.

Ever since the dawn of historical past many possess as we converse succumbed to the “Darkish Facet.” A habits pattern of unrelenting thirst for energy, wait on an eye on, and wealth. And, in the technique noteworthy of humanity has and continues to endure. At this closing date the put aside now we possess considered many scientific, technological and clinical marvels that has enabled man to reach the next level of existence. But, adore nearly every thing else to noteworthy of humanity don’t and won’t possess the flexibility of having the flexibility to be on the receiving discontinue of what man has devised except issues substitute. Whether or no longer it’s a ways a clinical leap forward that can attach lives, or the technology to build ones existence that so a lot better and more uncomplicated.

On this December 25th I possess continuously puzzled adore in old years will this unique year be any completely different? For millions across the sector the put aside there changed into once once hope handiest to search out themselves without hope in attempting to attain a better quality of life has been the reality for a ways too lengthy. Would possibly perchance perchance this unique year raise an discontinue to that hopelessness? I for one would resolve to mediate so especially with this being an election year the put aside hopes and desires of millions of American citizens and even for millions of others across the sector will all be suffering from the tip consequence. In many ways it’s a ways adore a coin toss. On one hand the station-quo prevails and the substantial humanitarian disaster handiest gets worse bringing more suffering to millions across the globe. Then again we may very properly notice a novel initiating put aside that eases the suffering and brings hope the put aside there changed into once once hopelessness.

Through the years now we possess considered discord, animosity, and outright indignation in our political course of. Subsequently, the evolution of so many so a lot of factions arose to the purpose that as a nation we are anything else however united. It is these factions that possess undermined the democratic course of and has kept this country from forming a cohesive cohesion that our founding fathers cast for this nation to dwell on and prosper. But, what we earn currently is that the impact of huge money conglomerates over the media and our political course of has and continues to sabotage every aspect of our democracy. And, adore every thing else money has corrupted and swayed the media to the put aside the general public is inundated with bias that is purposely engineered to sway public thought. No longer is the free press free. They are managed by an impact structure that has dominated every aspect of no longer handiest our political course of however our everyday lives.

Will we ever lower free from the yolk of oppression that has besieged our nation? Right here is the largest project of our times. The station-quo of the day prior to this and currently has created the substantial inequality that exists and helped make the humanitarian disaster that is engulfing the sector. Can we undo the difficulty that we allowed to happen especially with our reluctance to put into effect the technology to wrestle international warming or the necessity to ease the human suffering that is adore a scourge sweeping across the sector? I for one possess grave doubts that this unique year may be the year we raise leaders who will possess the braveness to put into effect the changes wanted to substitute the sector for the upper. Then again I will be cross. I sincerely hope so.


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